Soulflow Oakland & SoulFlow Pinole

Haitian Folkloric Dance & Spiritual Bath Making Workshop
with Portsha Terae Jefferson

February 24 (Saturday)
at 4:00 pm

Class length
150 minutes

downtown oakland

Rara Tou Limen & SoulFlow Oakland presents: 
DANCING SPIRITS: A Haitian Folkloric Dance & Spiritual Bath Making Workshop
The Divine Feminine Priestess |  Ezili Freda Dahomey

Dancing Spirits is a Wellness Workshop Series exploring Embodied Movement from Haitian Folklore, Song, Writing & Ritual. Facilitated by Portsha T. Jefferson, Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer and Priestess. Embrace the intoxicating energy of Ezili Freda Dahomey as we dive into a Folkloric dance & spiritual bath making workshop celebrating Haiti’s radiant Queen of Love and Beauty. Celebrate your worth and radiance with movements that embody Ezili's confidence and self-possession. 

"Lanmou" | Loving YOU! - Haitian Folkloric Dance Workshop"My body is a beautiful expression of my individuality."

"Today I choose me."
"Love is my birthright. I am a manifestation of this love. I am loving and loved by many."
"I am authentic, true, and expressive."

Ezili Freda Dahomey is a captivating spirit in Haitian Vodou, celebrated for her immense love, fierce loyalty, and unparalleled beauty. She encompasses both tenderness and ferocity, representing the intricate tapestry of womanhood. She embodies passion, self-love, fierce independence, and unwavering loyalty. Through dynamic movements and song, this dance workshop invites you to connect with her energy.

Maintaining a healthy sense of self-love is essential to your well-being. Now is the time to establish an abundance of love, joy, health, happiness and wealth - from within. How do you maintain a healthy sense of SELF-LOVE? Sacred space will be created to provide an intimate setting. Participants who are interested in honoring spiritual growth, self-care, learning and healing are encouraged to attend. Come ready to move, explore, and embrace the transformative energy of Ezili Freda Dahomey. 

“Goodness in a Bowl” -  Spiritual Bath Making Workshop

This workshop is an invitation to create a sacred space for self-care and spiritual renewal through the art of crafting personalized spiritual baths. Spiritual Baths are herbal treatments that aid in self-care rituals/practices. The Dancing Spirits session will begin with a collective bath making workshop to set intentions, seek blessings, an abundance of love, peace, healing and good fortune.

In this workshop you will:Explore the healing properties of various herbs, flowers, and minerals.Craft your own unique spiritual bath, personalized with essential oils, flowers, and other sacred elements.Immerse yourself in a guided meditation to activate the healing and transformative energy of your bath creation.

This workshop is perfect for:
Anyone seeking to deepen their self-care practiceIndividuals interested in exploring the power of herbal remediesPeople seeking to create a sacred ritual for stress relief and relaxation

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to:
Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.Learn from an experienced facilitator who is passionate about herbal healing and spiritual wellness.

Create a sacred self-care ritual that you can incorporate into your life.

If you are ready to tap into the transformative power of personalized spiritual baths, then this workshop is for you!

Both workshops are suitable for everyone with or without a dance background or bath making experience. Dance barefoot or with sneakers.

Registered participants will receive a list of materials needed for each workshop.

Portsha Terae Jefferson has a 25 year history of performance, choreography, research & travel passionately rooted in African/Caribbean dance, drumming and spiritual traditions.  She was nurtured and educated in her dance career by Bay Area luminaries Lynn Coles and Blanche Brown and by Haitian dance masters including the pioneer Vivianne Gauthier. Her training culminated with the establishment of Rara Tou Limen Haitian Performing Company in 2004.   Ms. Jefferson has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Conservatory for Contemporary Dance Arts, and as an artist in residence for Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and SF Unified School District. Her visionary artistic leadership and Rara Tou Limen's unforgettable presentations, classes, workshops, festivals, cultural exchange trips, and retreats, have garnered her the attention as respected colleague and established cultural gatekeeper, forging new trailways through ancient traditions -- staying true to the sojourn carving pathways for many to flourish crossing boundaries and dimensions in the Dance.


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Haitian Folkloric Dance & Spiritual Bath Making Workshop (Ticket)

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